Smart Data Technologies

Data Recovery Malaysia

Data Recovery Malaysia

Data Recovery in Malaysia, Our Specialized Data Recovery services from any media. Fast, efficiently and 100% Data Security. We recover data from logically and physically damaged hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, Server RAID Systems, CD/DVD.

Data Transfer Malaysia

Data Transfer Malaysia, Our Data Transfer facilities can securely convert from any formats, soft copy, Data Transfer and Backup to any Medias or any format conversions. (Camera/Audio/Video Cassette’s, Film Roll and CD/DVD),

Blue-Ray Media .

Data Backup Malaysia

Data Backup Malaysia We Can Secure Data from Natural Disaster. We are storing data from any media external/internal and online. And specific cloud backup server for corporate and private companies for security matters. We arrange specialized server inside your company upon requirement.

Data Cleaning Malaysia

Data Cleaning Malaysia, Permanently clean sensitive data on partitions and disk volumes with high quality wiping and sanitizing hard drives. Inefficient softwares are not Secure & cab erase the data. Our data wiping equipment, leading service tool in hard drive recycling industry